Mobile marketing is only a few years old, yet it incorporates elements of some of the oldest and well proven marketing methods. Many of the same rules that apply to other kinds of marketing will apply to mobile marketing too. However, there are some noteworthy differences. Let’s consider some solid advice on getting the best from this brilliant advertising medium.

Before hitting all of your customers with a new marketing method, do a test batch first to ensure that it is working as it should. If you send texts that do not make sense or are not effective at communicating your desired result, you will not succeed. Additionally, try sending it to a test audience (e.g. co-workers) to get feedback before you send it to your target audience.

If you design a standalone mobile platform, it needs a home base to be successful. You need to focus on your main website as well, and the people who visit it, whether they are repeat visitors, or if they are new visitors, arriving for the first time. Don’t base everything completely on a mobile marketing campaign because half of your traffic may be coming from a big screen device. Look for approaches that suit both audiences, but are implemented for each device.

Mobile Devices

While smart phones are more consistent in presenting HTML5, you still need to take time to test your website on various mobile browsers, just like you would for computer browsers. The differences between mobile devices may include different browsers, screen sizes or screen resolution. Your ads and site may not look the same on one device as they do on another. View your site on several mobile devices to ensure that it is fully accessible, fits the screen, and appears they way you expect.

Set the times that your MMS text messages are sent to your customers for normal business hours. Nobody likes to be bothered with advertising late at night or early in the morning, no matter how much they are into your product.

Optimizing your mobile websites for the search engines is an excellent method of improving your mobile marketing attempts. The search engine used by most mobile devices is Google, so make an effort to rank on the first page of the results.

Do not send emails out too often. Somewhere between once a week or once every other week is the optimal time frame for sending promotions, if you are a high-traffic retailer. You can make your offers seem more inviting if they appear to be exclusive and not always available. If you’ve trained your audience to expect a lot of offers in a short time, they probably won’t take immediate action.

Viral ads are more likely to have a bigger impact. If your potential customers agree that it’s worthy of sharing, they’re more likely to send it to friends and family members, resulting in a significant increase in the number of people exposed to your advertisement. Include share buttons in your digital marketing.

When you are thinking of adding SMS to a mobile marketing strategy, let people opt in or out and tell them how many texts you’re going to be sending out. If SMS messages are done improperly it can harm your business because of the close tie-in with the notification system of the mobile device. Customers may feel angry about the amount of texts they are receiving. Make sure your customers have signed up for the service so they do not feel annoyed and be honest. This will help you be seen as a trustworthy company.

Qr Codes

Some customers love to use QR codes to access your mobile campaigns. QR codes are a great way to share discounts, promotions and coupons. They are quite user friendly and simple to capture on cell phone. QR codes allow you to reach out to your customers in an efficient manner, and give them relevant information in a simple way. Create your own QR codes with the free QR code generator at ProSocialTools. For those who don’t use QR codes, use a short link service to make typing easier. If you want to track the performance of your QR codes and short links, contact us at (812) 496-2900 and we will create a solution just for you.

Mobile marketing can be an incredible asset for your business; however, an overeager approach can turn customers away. If you’re just starting to utilize mobile marketing, be very methodical in the way that you use the information you have learned from this article. Gaining more customers and sales will result.

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