Here are a few common questions that we’ve come across when demonstrating our solutions at MobileReadyNOW. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick and thorough answer!

Is this the same as a mobile app? What’s the difference?

We call these “web apps”. It’s what Steve Jobs originally envisioned for the iPhone, applications that run across the web rather than being stored on your phone. Mobile-optimized websites can be saved to your phone just like an app, but instead of downloading it from an app store, you simply load the website, and then save it to your screen. Mobile applications can do things that mobile websites cannot, such as store lots of data on your phone. But mobile applications are much more expensive to develop, deploy, and support. It’s also hard to get people to download your app without first taking them to a mobile website. For most small businesses, a mobile-optimized website or “web-app” is the perfect solution.

Does a mobile website replace my old website?

It can, but the real answer is “no”. Websites built for viewing on larger screens, such as desktop and laptop computers, serve a different purpose. Big screen visitors expect more information and a richer experience. They may be doing research or comparison shopping and they will take time to read more information. For them, a mobile-optimized website doesn’t offer a great experience, so you really want both a site that is optimized for large screens and a site that is optimized for mobile screens.

Is this a separate website or does it use “responsive design”?

Responsive design changes the layout of your existing website to fit different size screens, including mobile devices. But it is not the right solution for every business with a website. Most desktop sites were not designed with mobile in mind, so to make your website both responsive and mobile-ready, you really need to start over, designing both a new desktop site and mobile site. We build responsive websites for our clients when it is the best solution.

Stand-alone mobile websites are more effective when you want to provide on-the-go customers with fast answers, and you want to get your mobile-optimized website online quickly. Our online pricing is based on stand-alone mobile websites that are built for speed and create awesome mobile experiences. If you are interested in a complete website design, we can discuss all of our options and provide you with a quote. Just let us know by calling (812) 496-2900.

How do people find my mobile website?

We install (or provide to your website manager) a small script that is added to your website. This script detects mobile phones and redirects them to your mobile-optimized website. So when people are searching for your business website, they’ll see your mobile-optimized site if they are on a mobile phone. We also provide a link on your mobile site that bypasses the script so that mobile visitors can choose to view your desktop site.

Why can’t I just tell you what features I want and get an instant online quote?

That would be great, and someday we might do that, but right now we’re still a small company and we can’t afford to give everyone a “take it or leave it” price. We like to listen, explore your needs, and then put together a package that not only saves you money, but provides you with great value. We can’t do that without learning more about your current marketing programs and the kind of support you might need.

I don’t have a webmaster to handle the technical stuff for me. Can you help?

Absolutely! That is one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the big mobile companies. We offer a-la-carte website management, or for a monthly fee, you can keep us on a service contract where we regularly handle website updates, fixes, search engine optimization, and traffic reports. This is great for businesses who don’t have in-house tech support. Tell us what you need, and we’ll present a solution we hope you will love.

I’m not sure what a “mobile landing page” is. Can you explain it?

Sure! A landing page is simply a mini-website, often just one or sometimes 2 pages. It usually has a single purpose, like getting people to sign up for a newsletter, enter a contest, join a loyalty program, or subscribe to a service. It can be used to collect a payment, or provide a product or inventory listing. The key is that mobile landing pages add a mobile-optimized experience to campaigns that often start out in print as a qr code or a link published in a mobile ad. Mobile landing pages can also be used to turn your tablet into a kiosk for presenting or collecting information. They’re not quite mobile websites, but they are designed for mobile devices.

What if I don’t want the mock-up that you create for me?

It’s no problem. We’re just glad that you gave us a chance to impress you. Ultimately, it’s important that you are delighted with the services and products that are delivered to you. If we’re not meeting your needs, we’ll even happily help you find someone who more closely matches your requirements.

I’m not sure if a mobile website is right for me. 

Give us a call, and tell us what you think your business needs. We’ll explain the advantages and the limitations of a mobile website, and help you make an informed decision. There’s no sales pressure, we’re not into that.

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